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Spring Maintenance

Spring is finally here! The time has finally changed and the weather is starting to warm up. Many of us are excited to head to Lowes or the local flower shops to add color to the yard, get our gardens started and enjoy some time outdoors. As the weather warms up you may be looking to buy or sell your property or just enjoy your own back yard. Here are some tips to get you started!


This is the perfect time to check around your house to see what home maintenance needs to be done. As you walk around your home be sure to look for signs of pests, water intrusion, rotten wood ( decks or wood around the home), weather damage ( to siding or roof) and any signs of new cracking around the home. Here's a small checklist to get you started:

  • unclog drains ( this can lead to water entering your home during spring storms or flooding)

  • look for signs of weather damage to roof or siding of your home

  • Schedule HVAC maintenance to extend life of unit

  • Change air filters in the home

  • Clean gutters and unclog downspouts. Make sure water is getting away from the home. Water causes a lot of home damage and can lead to expensive repairs

Once you have your spring home maintenance planned you can start planning your home improvements to brighten your home or curb appeal.

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